To rent a van from Road Warrior Tour Rentals you must be 21+ and have a valid drivers license.  Your driver/drivers must have comprehensive insurance (Liability and Collision Coverage)

Rental Times

Rentals are for 24 hours.  (Ex: 20 hours = 1 Day 30 hours= 2 Days)

*Due to demand there is a 2 Day minimum on weekend rentals.

*Rentals of 1 Day will be charged a $50 cleaning fee and can only be during the week available on case by case basis


Each day of a rental includes 300 Miles.  Each additional mile over you will be charged .35 cents per mile

Sprinters require a little bit of extra TLC.  Please be mindful of your clearance.  Very few parking garages accomodate the clearance of our Sprinter.  Also be mindful of Hotel overhangs and restaurant clearances.  If you are in doubt please do not risk it.  You will be liable for damage to the top of our Sprinter.  Also periodically Sprinters need DEF fluid.  On longer trips we may ask you fill it with DEF or change the oil (10,000 mile intervals or when indicated).  Keep receipts and you will be reimbursed for maintenance. 

Sprinter Care


A Trailer can be towed by all of our vans.  However towing adds extra wear and tear on engines and transmissions. We charge an extra $10/day when towing. Also should we need to help provide emergency transportation to you in the event of a breakdown most rental companies vehicles do to not have tow packages on their vehicles so we cannot guarantee you'll be taken care of.  Therefore, you TOW AT YOUR OWN RISK


No smoking!  Are you crazy?! Not sure how you do it at home but please do not smoke in our vehicles.  We're sure your mother taught you better but we thought we'd make sure to mention it.  If you have a temporary lapse of judgement we may charge up to $500 to recondition the vehicle.  Please don't have a temporary lapse of judgement.



If you have been a Road Warrior long enough you've encountered your share of tolls, tickets, and perhaps that parking violation.  Should you encounter one of these road obstacles you will be responsible for payment.  If Road Warrior Tour Rentals receives the ticket you will be billed with an additional $25 service charge.  Drive Safely!

Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will be charged for one day rental.  Cancellations on first day of tour will be charged complete reservation.

Cancellation policy

Payments are due upon return from your tour upon receipt of your final invoice.  There is a 20% deposit before your tour begins.  Tours lasting longer than two weeks you will be charged once a week while your tour is underway.   Should you need a day or two to deposit checks we can work with you.  A late fee of $25 will be assessed on unpaid invoices after 7 days.  

*On our Sprinter we require payment up front unless otherwise specified.



Road Warrior Tour Rentals offers complimentary WiFi on rentals of our Chevy Express vans and our Sprinter.  These devices do require a good connection to cellular signal.  In the Chevy vehicles it is provided through OnStars service and in the Sprinter through Verizon. If you experience difficulty with your connection please let us know.  We will do all we can to help.  However we do not reimburse for poor performance of WiFi as it is beyond our control. 

*In the Sprinter the hotspot may not perform as well for older devices. If this is the case you can change the setting on the Verizon Jetpack to 2.4 GHz WiFi.  This may cause slower performance but older devices can connect.